001 | DApp on DEXON instead of Ethereum | Programmer Explained

This article is written by Wayne Chiu, Full Stack Javascript Developer Contributor of open source blockchain project (NEO).

The DAPP Hackathon on DEXONhas successfully ended with 70 participants from different professions.

There are 20 projects in total for this competition. Feel free to check out the 『project presentations 』that was held at 39 floor, Taipei 101 on 15th-16th December, 2018.

I have helped pick projects that caught my eye, but not necessarily the winner. Have a look at some of the awesome DApp projects during the hackathon, below.


Make donations while streaming

Donating while steaming


We had the idea right after we saw the Ethereum project, but the confirmation time not fast enough for live streaming till we see the project called DEXON.

ONCE Upon a time

A Decentralized book that would be written by everyone, and will stay forever.


We have developed multiple DApps on Ethereum by using Solidity. 99% of the knowledge that we learned could be applied to DEXON as well without switching cost.


A credit society where credit can only be earned. In other words, you cannot use money to increase your credibility.


『QQ』: Our team were working on this with Ethereum, but the latency was too high until we started to use DEXON.


One-stop ticket selling & reselling platform that is fair and fast


We have developed multiple DApps on Ethereum by using Solidity. Additionally, we have a section that needs to use random numbers to decide who can get tickets if all people come all at the same time, and DEXON provides it natively while we need to create it ourselves that might not be fair.

Summary from a DApp developers perspective

  1. Close to 0 switching cost if you already knew how to build DApp on ethereum
  2. DEXON natively provides random number for you to use
  3. Average Confirmation time is 3 second

If you have any dev related questions while developing DApps, you can reach us here.

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