DEXON DApp Incentive Program

Join the DEXON DApp Incentive Program

We invite you to join the DEXON Network and build the decentralized ecosystem of the future, together.

How to join the DEXON DApp Incentive program


DEXON is a distributed ledger technology based on a blocklattice architecture and DEXON Consensus Algorithm (DCA). By providing an infinitely scalable, permissionless, low-latency, and Byzantine fault tolerant decentralized platform for DApps development, DEXON aims to solve existing bottlenecks that hinder the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

We would like to invite developer teams to join the DEXON network and build the future’s decentralized ecosystem, together.


Starting now until end of March 2019

How to join:

To encourage developers to deploy decentralized applications on DEXON with its infinitely scalable, permissionless, low-latency, and secure decentralized platform, we will provide incentives to those who will join this program. The program is in two categories, which is as follows:

Category 1: Booming
Earn USD $100 equivalent of DEXON coins for each successfully submitted DApp
Category 2: Trending
Earn USD $3,000 equivalent of DEXON coins for each outstanding DApp

Essentially, all submissions must first join Booming in order to qualify to Trending. And here’s how you can join, developers must submit the following:

  • DApp URL (web-version)
  • DEXON Smart Contract Address
  • DApp Source Code
  • Other materials of your DApp
  • Team info
  • Submissions must be in English

How to qualify:

  • Your DApp must be live at the time of review.
  • Your DApp must be deployed on DEXON Testnet and must function as expected.
  • DEXON Foundation will review the DApps which meet the requirements for Booming. The Trending Dapps will be selected as a benchmark DApp(s).
  • DEXON Foundation will review your DApp(s) within 10 working days after submission. After reviewing your submission, we will send a confirmation letter to you. If you did not receive the confirmation email, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to receive DEXON coin rewards:

  • To be eligible for rewards, your DApp must be deployed on DEXON Mainnet after the official launch.
  • The rewards will be distributed two weeks after the mainnet launch (stay tuned for the exact date of launch, target is Q1 2019).
  • The selected winner(s) will be announced on our blog and social media, bi-weekly, starting mid-January.


  • If the DApps submitted do not meet our review criteria, the DEXON Foundation may cancel the rewards distribution. DEXON Foundation holds the final decision regarding the awarding process.
  • Submissions with security, scam, copyright concerns. The DEXON Foundation reserved the right to cancel or retrieve the reward.
  • Submissions could be used for promotion or other campaign-related purposes by the DEXON Foundation. Additional payment or notification from the DEXON Foundation will not be necessary.

If you think you have what it takes to become a DApp developer on DEXON…


💰 Join the DEXON DApp Incentive Program NOW!

(Or go to the official DEXON DApp Incentive page to learn more)

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