DEXON: Looking back on 2018; moving forward to 2019

It’s hard to believe that the year is over so let’s look back to see what we have done in 2018 and see what to look out for in 2019.

DEXON Foundation

With the great success of launching the testnet, we are now in discussion with IDG Capital, who initially led the first round of 20M USD private placement investment in DEXON, for further cooperation and investment.


Gemstra has announced migration to DEXON from Ethereum to DEXON as the US-based social-selling eCommerce platform, and Taiwan’s largest gaming company (with over 60K daily active users) is now cooperating with us to reach mass adoption through blockchain technology.

DEXON Network


DEXON Consensus Algorithm

At the end of May, we published our consensus design: DEXON consensus algorithm. Since then it has been updated to include the latest data, with version 2.0 published on 16th November. You can read the latest consensus algorithm version, here.

DEXON’s Consensus Algorithm has also been published on official scientific journals. First, on the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), a non-profit scientific organization whose purpose is to further research in cryptology and related fields, and in Cornell University’s e-print services in the field of scientific researches,


The DEXON economic whitepaper was published at the beginning of July with the latest update, version 1.2 available since the 10th of October.

DEXON Testnet

DEXON’s testnet was officially launched in November 2018 with an all-time high transaction speed registered at 12.7K transactions per second (TPS), surpassing almost all existing blockchain records.

With the launch of DEXON testnet, this grants us an unparalleled chance to show the world the results of our vigorous efforts over the past year, as well as to show that our investors and community’s confidence in our team and our vision has been worthwhile.

DEXON consensus SDK & full node source

DEXON Developer Portal

The DEXON developer portal is where you can find the faucet (free test tokens), tech resources, DEXON communities, and DEXON demo DApps. In other words, it’s where you, as a developer, would most likely make first contact with DEXON.


DEXSCAN is a user-friendly blocklattice explorer combined with web wallet (more on this on the next point) for DEXON. A blocklattice explorer is a search engine that allows users to search, confirm, and validate transactions.


The DEXON wallet, or DekuSan, is a web wallet that allows users to view transactions and send tokens on DEXON. DekuSan is the gateway that will easily let you visit DEXON in your browser.


Deversi is the first DApp launched in DEXON; it’s a fun decentralized version of the game Reversi.

DEXON Resource Hub

We’ve created a page dedicated to kickstart your learning journey about blockchain and DEXON. We have several tutorials and videos so you’ll always be updates on what you need to know to understand DEXON and how to build your DApps.

Global Initiatives

We have launched a series of meetups and participated in least 25 events on 11 different cities around the globe. One of the highlights is our first ever hackathon hosted at Taipei 101, attracting over 70 participants with 18 projects submitted.

2018 Roadshow

Click on the links to watch presentations from DEXON.

News & Interviews

Here are some of the most notable news from news publications and crypto influencers. Click on the links to watch or read features and interviews about DEXON.

What’s Next?

We’re seizing 2019 as a year of exponential growth and opportunities for DEXON. And here’s what’s in store for us within the immediate future:

1st Quarter of 2019

  • Launch: DEXON Mainnet and Decentralized Exchange
  • Benefits for COB holders: Ratio, dates, and guide on how you can receive DEXON coins for holding COB tokens
  • Developers: Developer incentive programs, more DApps on DEXON
  • Roadshow: Global meetups and workshops

Upcoming events

Join us on the following events happening on the first month of 2019! More will be announced soon in different cities worldwide.

Let’s talk about DEXON

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