How To Send DEX Tokens using DekuSan

The DEXON web-extension wallet, DekuSan

1. Introduction

This documentation describes the procedures to send DEX tokens using DekuSan, the DEXON web wallet.

2. Sending DEX tokens using DekuSan

With DekuSan, send funds has never been faster and simpler. In this article, we will be focusing on the procedures to send tokens on testnet. Nevertheless, the steps will be the same once the mainnet is launched.

To begin, ensure that you already have DEX tokens in your wallet. If not, simply visit our faucet to claim your free tokens. The DEX tokens requested should be reflected in your DekuSan wallet a few seconds upon successful request.

1. From the main screen in the intended account, select Send .

2. Check your source account again under From. Input the recipient address. You can do so using a QR Code or simply typing in the address in the To field.

3. Input the amount of DEX tokens to be sent. Note that you should input based on the balance available, insufficient balance will cause the transaction to fail (and DekuSan will prompt that you will not be able to proceed with the transaction).

4. Adjust the Gas price (only if you have to). Click on the scrollbar icon in the Gas Fee field. By default, the gas fee has automatically been calculated for you based on the network success rate. Note that since the TPS of DEXON is extremely high, it is highly unlikely that you need to pay a huge gas fee for the transaction.

5. Confirm your transaction. Select Confirm to proceed and Edit should you wish to make changes.

6. Transaction will be sent and you will receive a chrome notification (if you are using the Chrome browser). You will see the corresponding transaction history in the source account. Note that the transaction will normally be confirmed in approximately 3 seconds and the transfer should be reflected shortly thereafter.

7. That’s it. Transfer complete.

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